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Donation from Viscose Closures

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

We had a visit from some managers at Swansea company Viscose Closures this afternoon with food donations from their staff which amounted to an amazing 4 boxes of food!! They posted a lovely comment on their fb page:

"..... we visited and donated to our friends at Sketty Foodbank Swansea. They are an independent Foodbank that provide essential food parcels for between 35 and 50 households in crisis each week. These food parcels contain items, such as fresh vegetables, fruit and toiletries . With the cost-of-living crisis, they are finding that donations are falling but the demand for food parcels is rising rapidly. They have no paid staff, and all their critical work is undertaken by volunteers for no payment.

Having read about Sketty Foodbank and the crucial service they provide for people in need, we were keen to help in any way that we could. As such, we asked our staff to donate any dried and canned food such as rice, pasta and soup that they could, and the turnout was outstanding, a real testament to our brilliant staff. Our colleagues’ donations amounted to 4 boxes of food that we donated to the Foodbank. The business also sponsored 50 bags of fresh fruit and vegetables to be made up and distributed out to people in need, these bags included fresh carrots, onions and apples to name a few.

A couple of our colleagues took our dried donations to the Foodbank in person. Whilst there we met the brilliant volunteers, watched our donations and sponsored food be bagged up ready for distribution and had a tour of the entire Foodbank. The volunteers talked us through the running of the Foodbank and the stories of the people who are in need who they service. It was an eye-opening experience, one that we’ll always remember and appreciate."

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