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Localgiving foundation visits foodbank

Localgiving is a non-profit organisation which provides workshops and an online platform to local charities and community groups in the United Kingdom. Their Head of Communications Luke Upton visited Sketty Foodbank in Swansea recently - "I was hugely impressed by the scale of the support they offer their community, the commitment of their volunteers and leadership and vision of Audrey and the team. Demand has grown significantly in recent years, and they are increasingly seeing need from

families that have wage earners, such are the problems caused by the cost of living crisis. Support is also there for asylum seekers, refugees and their families. Whilst its sad to see the steadily increasing demand, its heartening to see the work of their small army of volunteers and the support from a network of generous local businesses, small and large. Please support their work if you can, even a little goes a long way -

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